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Rocky Mountain Wanderers: Uphill both ways!                                                            


Looking for a Walking Partner?

Do you like to walk, but are looking for some company? Alecia McClure, RMW Membership

Chair, is facilitating a contact list to help people meet up to enjoy more walks. This applies

particularly to YRE (anytime) events, as there are plenty of people to join up with at a special

club (one-time) event. However, some people may not come to Saturday events because they

are looking to carpool and this list can also help with that. Please email the following

information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Alecia will distribute the list to all walkers and

then you will have some people you can reach out to.

 Name

 City

 Email Address

 Phone

 Preferred Way to Contact

 Availability – Week-end/Week- day/Either

 Distance – 10k/5k/Either

 Driver – Yes/No

 Walking Pace – Slow/Medium/Fast


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